Jon Head

Essentially Jon loves to photograph people. Professionally, this takes form in specialist photography services for the music industry, including events, music shots and reportage for djs, producers, musicians and other performance artists. Visual artwork, tailored to match your creative needs, from bar scene to Burning Man and beyond.

Jon has a growing reputation as one of the most sought after photographers in international music circles. Jon has been working direct with clients, as well as with agencies, and media outlets for 20 years. Most of his clients have come through recommendations and have grown into long-term creative relationships. He always ensuresthat the projects he's involved in are completed successfully, on budget and on time. He also loves to work on personal projects that keep his creative juices flowing. 

Much of Jon's inspiration comes from music that helps him to continuously mould his personal style. With new music consistently hitting the scene Jon utilizes the fusion of music, life and art in his photography. Jon has worked with high end fashion companies and at Fashion Week, as well as portfolio work and editorial, also documentary and integrated art styles. Each image shows Jon's ability to capture the moment, the pose, or the scene, as he brings each image to life.. 

High definition, high impact music or portfolio shots for DJ's, models, actors and other artistes. Versatile, unique looks to make you stand out from the crowd - Let your image stand out as much as your music! Your image is our business…

Our promise to you, is that we will continue to push ourselves to surprise and impress you, so you will continue to be inspired by all your Head Imaging experiences.